Gold Standard Blends

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A list of widely available reference blends for pipers interested in exploring new genres. Enjoy.

British/Lake District:
Bosun Cut Plug
Gawith & Hoggarth Co. Brown Flake, Dark Flake/Plug (scented or unscented), Ennerdale Flake and Plug, Broken #7 Flake, Best Brown #2

Davidoff Danish Mixture
Dan Tobacco Blue Note
Peterson Connoisseur's Choice
Solani Blend 369 Blue Label
Peter Stokkebye (Pick one)

Boswell's (pick one)
Cornell & Diehl (pick one)
Lane's 1Q and RLP6
Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic
Wilke Tobacco's (pick one)

American OTC:
Carter Hall
Prince Albert
Sir Walter Raleigh

British OTC:
Condor Ready Rubbed and Long Cut
Murray's Revor Plug and Warrior Plug
St. Bruno's Ready Rubbed and Flake

Burley (Non-Aromatic):
Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky
Solani Aged Burley Flake and Silver Flake
Uhle's 00, 300, Perfection Plug Burley
Wessex Burley Slice

Light to Medium:
4th Generation 1855
Capstan Yellow
Dan's Hamborger Veermaster
F&T Cut Virginia Plug
Orlik Golden Sliced (*very light perique)
Samuel Gawith Golden Glow

Medium to Dark:
Astley's 109
John Aylesbury Classic Flake
Capstan Blue
GLPease Union Square
Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake and Full Virginia Flake

Astley's # 44
Rattray's Dark Fragrant
Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake

C&D Bijou, Interlude, Opening Nights
F&T BlackJack
MacBaren HH Pure Virginia
Sutliff Red Virginia Ribbon
Watch City Simply Red
Wessex Red

Virginia/Perique (VaPer):
Escudo Navy DeLuxe
Samuel Gawith St. James Flake
GLPease Telegraph Hill
Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake
Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake

Virginia/Burley (VaBur):
MacBaren Golden Extra, Navy Flake, and HH Old Dark Fired
Peterson University Flake
Rattrays Old Gowrie

Virginia/Burley/Perique (VaBurPer):
C&D Old Joe Krantz
McConnell Scottish Cake
Peretti's No. 8 Sliced
Rattray Hal o' the Wynd
Reiner's Blend 71 aka Long Golden Flake
Savinelli Doblone d'Oro

Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader and Skiff
GLPease Westminister
Rattray's 7 Reserves
Peter Stokkebye Proper English

Crossover English:
Boswell's NorthWoods
C&D Epiphany
JFH Shortcut to Mushrooms
Kramer's Cary Grant & Danny Kaye
Lane HGL
Peter Stokkebye EOS & Luxury English

MacBaren Amphora Prestige Regular Mixture
MacBaren Scottish Mixture
Perretti Pride of Loch Lomond
Rattray's Red Rapparee and Black Mallory

Balkan Sasieni
GLPease Odyssey
Hearth & Home Black House and White Knight
Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Special Reserve
Peter Stokkebye Balkan Supreme

Original Gold Standard Blends list created at PSF
A lengthy thread and two polls here at PSD
Gold Standard Review Committee:
DarkFlake, DmKerr, Fr_Tom, JimInks, Sablebrush52, Sasquatch, Spillproof, TallPuffofBurley.
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