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Good To Be Here From Central North Florida

Good to be here with you guys and gals, (if there are any)...I'm just another old geezer from the great state of confusion and hanging chads...yeah, that one. Been smoking pipes since 1960's when my first pipe was a Comoy Golden Grain Canadian. I worked in a pipe shop in Coral Gables by the name of Kirk's Pipe Shop. I had the pleasure of buffing and cleaning pipes...which was a great experience. Kirk blended his own tobacco and was the only person I ever saw smoke straight perique...he had quite a collection of Comoy Extraordinaires, Charatans, Comoy Blue Ribands and more that I can't remember. What I do remember was that he told me to buy the very best I could afford and to him that was Comoy. So he started me off right. I quit smoking pipes for a number of years, picked up those nasty cigarettes, Camel non-filter...but I finally quit those and smoked nothing for a number of years...then picked the old pipes up and out of the box they had been in for close to 50 years. I've been on 3 different forums and pretty much enjoyed them all and now here I am, visiting you folks and looking forward to hanging out here. The reason I am so specific as to where I live is because of Hurricane Michael, which pretty much devastated the panhandle of Florida...I'm in Tallahassee which was spared the brunt of the storm...being the coward I am (I went through Hurricane Andrew in Miami)...my wife and I and our sweet lil girl doggie high-tailed it out of town when I saw what was coming at us...up to Kentucky with it right behind us all the way.
Now when they say a storm is a comin'...I'm outta here, and quick!!