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Gotta be careful what you say............


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To make a short story long.......
Thru a few conversations, I had mentioned how a can't find salt and vinegar pork rinds anymore. And in other conversations, I had gotten myself in trouble by mentioning I didn't like black eyed peas. Well a friend sent me all the fixings for said black eyed peas. We made them and they were fantastic. Ate them everyday till they were gone. Well there was a side effect to the black eyed peas.............. Needless to say @Jimbov decided to give my wife some relief and sent me gas prevention. Jim, with everything going on, and no power in 9 degree weather, your gift and generosity and the smile I got out of it, was much needed and appreciated. Thank you.



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I have a nice 3 season jacket with Golden Flake embroidered on it. It just showed up at my house one day with no explanation. A couple weeks later I saw my Regional Manager and he said "Oh, I see you were one of the pork skin sales increase winners." The vinegar and salt were a big seller on my route.