Greasing tenons

Pie Eyed Piper

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Sometimes it's just because they're new. My Peterson Rocky was like that. First time I removed the stem it sounded like I popped a bottle of champagne ! However it became easier each time after and now is normal. I'd stay away from petrol lubes, try sanding it lightly instead if it doesn't get progressively easier on its own. Try wiggling it out left to right, right to left. Don't twist in one direction, it's not threaded and you'll warp the stem.


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Bees wax is amazing stuff with odd properties. It kind of lubricates, but remember reading Grant Peterson with Rivendell Bikes using it for threadlock. I've tried it for that and on pipe tenons. Anything made by bees is good stuff. Honey for wounds, etc. I used to keep bees, and they always fascinated me.


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Another trick is rub the tenon on a bar of Ivory soap, it works very well, better in my opinion than "graphite grease" (Ronni B.'s term for the No. 2 pencil trick). And no, it imparts no taste to the tobacco smoked.

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