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Great blends that are always available...


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What? Ennerdale? What happened to it? I have one lone pound and prefer it fresh. Damn.
Just about every Gawith has been unavailable for most of this year. They pop up here and there still but it wasn’t that long ago that you could buy whatever blend of theirs you wanted, whenever you wanted.

@Sasquatch isn't kidding when he says to cellar wide and cellar deep.


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Mac Baren is overlooked. Their Virginia Flake is good, and with a few years on it, excellent. Many of their HH Series are very good, and the roll cuts are good and age well.
Other than Sutliff and C/D, I can't think of a brand with better overall availability. That they make Capstan and the Savinelli tobaccos is probably lucky for us.

There's a million quietly excellent blends out there, the trouble is, where they used to be #17 on the list, now they ARE the list.

Peter Heinrich's stuff is good.

Solani is good.

But it's getting to the point where even weird stuff like Wessex Brown Flake is only in stock for like 2 days.