Hearth and Home/ Russ Oullete blends... what’s your favorite?


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I am having a hard time picking one from HH/Russ.
I've tried and have really liked so many.
It's been a long looong time since I didn't have at least one of Russ' blends in my regular rotation.
Currently I have 4 open tins of his blends on my pipe table and am smoking one of them as I typed this.
Sooo...I'm not picking one. :puffy:


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I've liked everyone I've tried. I decided within my first 1/4 bowl of Bengal slices that I didn't like it,but by the end I wanted more. Marble kake surprised the hell outta me. Once I learned how to smoke it, I got tons of flavor. It might be my favorite post McC virginia. Fusiliers ration is the easiest to smoke. I've never used any more than 2 matches to smoke a bowl. Btw, has anyone else tried the f.r. special reserve? It's a step up from the original. I like aj 's better than Louisiana red, but I've only had one bowl of each. As for a fav, I've got to go with anni kake even though it feels like a cop out.


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Amen to that. I just checked and I’ve placed 38 orders with P & C in the last two years alone. All arrived in a timely manner except one, and that was due to trouble with new ordering software that was corrected as soon as humanly possible. I am happy to do business with them and hope to do so for years to come. 👍
It’s not necessarily the reliability, but the variety...
For those of you that have tried Firestorm, would you recommend aging it a little or is it good immediately out of the tin?
I’m not sure it has been around long enough for anyone to have tried a truly aged product. I think it has been only out for 3 years as my first taste was a sample Russ gave me at the 2015 Chicago show. I like this one a lot, but have only tried it fresh. I have a few tins in the cellar aging, so one day I will have an answer, but it is already incredible fresh.