Hello From Pittsburgh, PA

I am a new addition here. My name here is "Quietmann", but you can cell me "Don".

I am a 73 year old, "semi- retired" Forensic Psychologist and I still work when I want to, or when asked to. I have been a pipe smoker since the age
of 18. My first job was at the once-prominent Bessai Pipe Clinic, in Cleveland, OH., where I worked during high school and college breaks.If the name
John Bessai rings a bell, it was one and the same. He had passed away by the time I hired on, bu his son, Herb, taught me everything he could about
pipes, tobaccos, and how to blend them. My first pipe was a simple, hand-made bent Billiard that Herb crafted and gave to me for Christmas.

I have a modest collection of 17 pipes, way down from the 150+ that I once had, but when your one of kids is accepted into an Ivy League school,
and the other into medical school, one has to make sacrifices. Thankfully the market was good back then. I also have a decent cellar that I estimate
presently t 40 lbs., and I am always willing to entertain trades. My favorite aromatic blend is Hobbit's Weed, which I make myself, and my favorite
non-aromatic is Esoterica Pembroke, whenever I can find it. Otherwise, I settle for any decent-but-mild English blend. I like to try them all.

My free time activities include wildlife photography, bass fishing, and chess. I actively compete in tournaments whenever I can qualify and/or
have a free weekend. For those interested, my present FIDE ranking is 2369.

That's about it for now. I hope to learn and contribute here whenever I can, and make new friends along the way.