Help with vintage estate pipe

Hello all first time posting but I've been a lurker for a while now. I recently picked up this Dunhill estate pipe and i can't find anything about it. All i can tell is that it is of EXTREMELY high quality. I've had Dunhill's in the past but there must be close to half an ounce of 18K gold on the top of it. If anyone could shed a light on what model it may be or when it was made or really anything at all i would be most appreciative.

Thanks again fellas and ladies.




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Well I cant tell you anything about the cap as I've never seen another Dunhill like it. But it's a Root Briar, which is a desirable finish/grade, and the 20 and 23 stamps after "England" tell you it was made in 1980 and then actually sold in 1983.

That is not a standard Dunhill shape so you can call it a "quaint." I'll ask my Dunhill guy about the gold.



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From under Dunhill -- go to the drop down menu under "Other Dunhill Pipes" and select the "special & limited edition" area. You'll find a World Conference pipe made in the 1980s that looks similar to yours AND it was styled after a "my mixture" jars which looks just like your wind cap! The upper lip looks perfect to accommodate a gold wind cap, though there isn't info about that feature.

YOUTUBE: type in "1980 Dunhill World Conference" and you'll see a great video for this pipe with a bit more info. Wasn't sure if I should link more directly via forum rules, so you'll have to do some typing, but I think you'll be interested!