Here is a link to all of the Gawith Hoggarth that the US distributor has in this shipment


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Don't let MSRP scare you.
They'll retail at less than that.

The only time MSRP matters is when a certain online tobacco shop advertises a "25%-40% off Sale!!", and what they actually mean is "25%-40% off MSRP"...which is basically "regular price" every where else.

Those MSRP's are pretty much the amount they've been at for a while.

Thanks for the info @Codgerindecline.
This is a great heads up.
I wonder if retailers, other than SP, are gonna be more open to breaking these up and selling by the ounce since the price has gone up (50% increase)? The upside is that maybe the product will stick around for awhile. Anyway, this is still great news! Thanks for the update.
The MSRP for a 500 g quantity varies between $85 and $100. Last I looked, MSRP on Esoterica was $49.95 for an 8 ounce bag.

Not having seen a contract, this is speculation. Laudisi distributes the Savinelli line of tobacco. Doblones d’Oro has a $24 MSRP. The minimum advertised price seems to be $19.20, which translates to a 20% max advertised discount. So if that holds, MAP on the GH bags would range from $68-80.


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I was raised back in the days when mothers stayed home and cooked the family meals. Anything like Chef Boyardee from a can was a rare treat. Your children will adjust just fine.
There is no doubt that the Chef makes a quality product. It just so happens that it sells for 89 cents a can. I just hope that they still have my favorite, Mini ravioli with meatballs.