Here is a link to all of the Gawith Hoggarth that the US distributor has in this shipment


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That's still less than when people pay $15 for a 50-gram tin.

In any event, I will let other people fight it out when and if anything actually shows up.
Very true...the market will dictate the pricing...
Jeepers you guys. I wanted to say 250/500g, but I didn’t want the forum to explode.

The fuse was there, we were just waiting for the match.

On the bright side if they come bagged and sealed that will negate popped tins...


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No BCF or Scotch Flake.

Sigh. Perhaps next time.
I think you read it wrong, at least I hope you did. I looked at the Laudisi page earlier and all the blends were in stock. I think it's only reading"out of stock" because they've sold all their allotted product to the retailers already, who in turn, should have it up for sale soon. What it does say however, is that either 1). SP bought up all the product or 2). There wasn't that much product to begin with. Or 3). I'm completely wrong because I really don't have any idea.