Historical Pipe Smokers Photos and Videos


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I searched and couldn’t find a thread like this (except for one devoted to specific blends of famed pipe smokers) so I apologize if there is one already.

I am a sucker and huge fan of historical (recent or otherwise) photos and videos of pipe smokers. The smoker doesn’t have to be famous (though sometimes that’s more interesting). As a relatively younger guy, I love thinking about a time when it was far more common for men and women to smoke a pipe, in private and public and to display it proudly for a camera.

Please post your favorite historical photos and videos of pipe smokers!

I’ll start...

Here we have the late Justice Antonin Scalia being questioned at his confirmation hearing.


Forward to about 3:20 for the Justice enjoying his pipe.

August 1986 Justice Scalia


inspiration, move me brightly
I've had a great love for jazz fusion drummer, Billy Cobham, for many years. And then, just recently, I found out that he was likely a pipe smoker based on this photo. Now, he's even cooler in my book. Can anyone identify the pipe and/or tobacco pouch in his pocket?


And man, can he wail on the drums.



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Some are repeats, but I liked the pics.

A hero of mine for many reasons, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien:


An outstanding actor and the greatest Moff the Empire ever saw, Peter Cushing aka Grand Moff Tarkin:


Always loved this shot of Einstein:


And one cool cat, Leonard Nimoy:



Wyrd bið ful aræd.
Honourable mention goes to Andie MacDowell, who appears to be genuinely smoking her pipe in this photo. It was rumoured that she was a closet cigarette smoker, and who knows if she enjoyed a pipe personally, but I'm including her because this is one of my favourite shots of a lady smoking a pipe.