Historical Pipe Smokers Photos and Videos


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I can't find it now, but there is a picture of Donald Rumsfeld smoking a pipe, it's sort of a candid and he's being sort of silly and making a face. I tried google image search and could not find it...
The Senate Watergate Committee was loaded with pipe smokers. Here's Fred Thompson, Howard "What did the president know and when did he know it" Baker, and...uh, not sure who that third person is.

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I searched and couldn’t find a thread like this (except for one devoted to specific blends of famed pipe smokers) so I apologize if there is one already.

I am a sucker and huge fan of historical (recent or otherwise) photos and videos of pipe smokers. The smoker doesn’t have to be famous (though sometimes that’s more interesting). As a relatively younger guy, I love thinking about a time when it was far more common for men and women to smoke a pipe, in private and public and to display it proudly for a camera.

Please post your favorite historical photos and videos of pipe smokers!

I’ll start...

Here we have the late Justice Antonin Scalia being questioned at his confirmation hearing.

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Forward to about 3:20 for the Justice enjoying his pipe.

August 1986 Justice Scalia
Great thread.


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I've had a great love for jazz fusion drummer, Billy Cobham, for many years. And then, just recently, I found out that he was likely a pipe smoker based on this photo. Now, he's even cooler in my book. Can anyone identify the pipe and/or tobacco pouch in his pocket?

And man, can he wail on the drums.

deffinitely a meer and the pouch reminds me of John bull English blend.....if it is that old