Historical Pipe Smokers Photos and Videos


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Yes. I am sure that's how it happened. The pipe was for sale at some point.

It's just weird that Arnold would request to buy and Max still didn't have an easy time reaching him or his team.
No matter Cool story. And Max seems genuinely excited about the whole thing in a very humble way. Which is also very cool. :thumb-yello:
Well, how many pipe makers are officially approved by the Terminator?


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You may have noticed I have become a bit nostalgic lately about my military days.
I had a few great commanders. One was Lieutenant Colonel Lars R. Møller from the Danish Armour forces who was my Dep. Battalion commander during my first tour to Bosnia.
I can tell you many stories about this Danish version of Patton but one thing was that he always had either a pipe or a cigar in his mouth. I once saw him stand in front of the shower, hang up his towel, turn his pipe upside down and continue to smoke while showering.
lars-møller-1.png Lars möller 2.jpg tangotwee-larsmoller3.jpg Möller4.jpg möller5.jpg


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Yes, dammit. I was racking my brain trying to remember.
That episode starred Ian Hendry as well .. posing with, but not lighting up, what looks like a Senior Service unfiltered - too thick for a Park Drive :)

Brian Blessed is smoking a straight Falcon - no white Falcon on the stem - with what looks like an Algiers bowl to me, possibly a Bantam .. paging @snake

PS This particular episode is available in full on DailyMotion


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Great shot!
Is that a billiard? I wouldn't have figured so with so long a shank in comparison with the height of the bowl.
But, I'm far from being a shape expert.

Here's Robert Oppenheimer enjoying his pipe...

Here, let me drop this bomb on you. Heritage sent me a link, as I've been known to seek Oppenheimer-related items, so I'm sure they won't mind this free advertising for a silver gel print: