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Dr Josef A. Hynek - Astronomer, professor, and ufologist.



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Frank"Rocky" Fiegel:

From Fandom.com:
Frank "Rocky" Fiegel (January 27, 1868 - March 24, 1947) was a real-life person from E. C. Segar's home town of Chester, Illinois who (like J. William Schuchert and Dora Paskel) inspired a Thimble Theatre character. In this case, Popeye.

The picture that always makes the rounds on Facebook purporting to be Fiegel, is actually from a photo in the Imperial War Museum of an unnamed British sailor serving aboard the HMS Rodney as a Lead Stoker who was nicknamed "Popeye".

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"Peter Kemp was an English soldier and writer. Educated at Wellington College and Trinity College in Cambridge, Kemp was preparing for a career as a lawyer before, alarmed by the spread of Communism, he volunteered to assist the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. Kemp saw extensive combat in both the Requetes militia and later the Spanish Foreign Legion. After the Civil War ended, Kemp was recruited as an agent for the British Special Operations Executive, taking part in numerous commando raids and other irregular warfare activities in France, Albania, Poland, and several colonial territories throughout the Pacific during and after the Second World War. After that war ended, he worked as an insurance salesman and international journalist, continuing his life of distinction and adventure. He passed away on October 30, 1993"


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Another one of former British Prime Minister (1960s/70s) Harold Wilson .. I noticed in this one - which looks like mid-70s to me - there is a tin of baccy visible, zooming in it's by Ogdens of Liverpool. Very fitting as he was the elected MP for a constituency (district) just outside the Liverpool city limits. At that time Ogden's had numerous blends - St.Bruno, Redbreast, St.Julien, Walnut etc. - and unfortunately the name of the blend is not visible :(




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We have Disney+, and in the 1955 short "Report on the Opening of Disneyland" there is a warning prior to the start of the film (the *only* warning):

"Contains tobacco depictions."

Walt is smoking his pipe in some of the scenes.
I came across this recently.