Holy Carp these eBay bids are getting crazy.


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Again, I find myself saying the market is now driven by the nouveau-riche Asians. Especially the Chinese and Japanese. They are buying up fine art, high end antiques, quality jewelery and watches. Most of the high end antique car sales are Asian buyers. Many countries now have laws prohibiting "national treasures" from leaving their country. Yes, now even better grade pipes. These are items that had been banned during the Cultural Revolution, and are worth more there than here. Again, supply vs demand.
Ask any of the leading internet pipe sellers, and they will tell you that a disproportionate number of their high end sales are from Asian buyers.
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Well, it's a selfish view, I admit, but...since I'm not buying pipes, I am happy to learn that some makers, dealers, distributors, and suppliers have a strong market of buyers, even if that market is in some far corner of the earth. Without that, maybe some of these pipe-related businesses and entrepreneurs wouldn't survive.


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I don’t like eBay. But, I have no sympathy for people who pay ridiculous prices for stuff. Each person knows what he’s bidding. If you get burned it is only your fault.

I have watched auctions for photo gear where people consistently pay new or near new prices for used gear. I have no sympathy for people who don’t do their homework or who get caught up in bidding wars.

On the other hand, if someone wants to pay $100 for a 6 year old hamburger and is happy with his purchase that’s fine with me.
$100 for a 6 year old hamburger. Wow—if it’s vintage and in mint condition ready to eat and comes from a smoke free home—I’m all in on that deal.🤣😂😆


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$510 for this Comoy? How is this possible?

I've noticed this sales schtick in the last few years: the seller claiming that the pipe was "under-graded" as if his assessment is superior to that of the Comoys pipe makers 60 years ago or whatever, and therefore it should sell for far more than the usual examples of the line. And it often does....


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The more rare carp you own, the less it'll be worth when you die. Your kids will bundle up all 162 of your $500 pipes and sell them as a lot for $40 to Clem down the street, just to get rid of them.

I've got contingency plans that will keep a-holes like Clem from getting his paws on my pipes for a song. So he and his kind can kiss my backside.

And if Clem don't like it, he's just down the street. He's welcomed to come see me anytime before I die to let me know.

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