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This worked out pretty well so I thought I’d share it. I got the idea to use a noodle press from a friend/fellow member of the Long Island Pipe Club. It cost $18 on Amazon:


I mixed up 70% Sutliff 515 RC-1 and 30% D&R Picayune, then pressed it as tight as I could. I let it sit for 3 days, tightening a little more each morning and night. This morning I opened it up and here is the result:




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67g pressed into a 1” x 2” diameter plug. At 0.745 oz per cubic inch it is denser than Salty Dogs (0.64). Slices up nicely:

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I’m smoking it now and it is a perique pepper bomb. I’ve tried this mix before unpressed and the Picayune dominates even at 30%. Same here if not more so. Good stuff! View attachment 27567
Terrific results.
And only 3 days of press time?


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I already loaded and pressed round two, same tobac but 15% Picayune. 30% is a whopper, probably better later in the day. And with only a 3 day turn around I feel like a I can play around with it.

If that exact model on amazon sells out it’s not the only one- there are a bunch of different listings and they all seem to be the same product.