How many bowls a day do you smoke?


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All of 'em. I only smoke when I'm alone or with other people.

Actually I probably start at 4 bowls a day and work up from there as needed.
When I smoked ciggies I was around two packs a day, and it amazes me now that, while I may be smoking about the same weight of tobacco (? Maybe?) I can go a lot longer without adding more nicotine to my system.
O'course there's snuff in between, but the nic-hit is so very different that it's barely in the same category, but YMMV.

Ol Brokedik

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2 to 3 a day. What we should take into consideration is the size of the bowls of our pipes and what we're putting in them. Just about all my pipes are big and are good for one hour. One hour with a piece of cake or flakes is a lot of time with a tobacco. So it's not just how many are you smoking, but how much time you devote to your hobby.

Ozark Wizard

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More than one on any given day. Never less in decades, even sick. I do a bit of sampling, especially in the Autumn and Winter. Super inclement weather may cut me down to five to seven a day. Honestly there are only so many hours in a day, and it's not common to be able to get more than ten decent smokes in a day without burning up.


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I will get in 4 bowls on most workdays. I start about 5 a.m. while drinking coffee. I leave for work about 6, when I smoke another bowl on the drive, again with coffee. I will smoke my 3rd bowl on the drive home from work, and my last is usually after a shower and shave while relaxing on the porch. On the weekend, I will usually smoke on and off all day, often up to 6 or 7 bowls.