How many bowls a day do you smoke?


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Anywhere from one to five a WEEK. Obviously more in the nicer weather.... I am confined to smoking out on the patio. Rarely the garage, but the wifi doesn't reach out there too well.

So, what do we put the over/under at for @JimInks ? I'm gonna arbitrarily put it at 15....
I have no idea. I'm too busy and/or lazy to count them. Emphasis on lazy in this case. :)


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It's weird. I'm not an addict smoker, so I've gone weeks without a bowl. I have to feel like it and when I feel like it I already know what type of blend because I say to myself, "Marlin Flake? Yeah we should do that!" On average once a day though, usually after work to unwind and clear the 'ol number register. Other times I am let's say playing video games and I catch the bowl bug, I will pause and walk right out with a pipe in my mouth. When smoking pork products I will have several in a row, then several more.