How many bowls a day do you smoke?


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The addition of parakeets to my truck has severely reduced the amount of smoking I am able to indulge in, I try to fit in 2 a day on work days, if I go fishing on my day off I will be smoking the entire time I'm out as long as it isn't raining, my average trip is around 4-8 hours if I go fishing, and depending on the tobacco I can usually work in anywhere from 6-8 bows if I'm out for 8 hours, it also is not uncommon for me to abstain for long periods of time, weeks at a time without a smoke.

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Since I work at home I can start in the morning and continue until time for bed. Most days I think I tally about 10 bowls, but I have to agree with @Ol Brokedik that a "bowl" is not a precise measure. I consider my pipes mostly about "average," most of my Radice seem to have similar size bowls and the cobs I smoke are Country Gentleman, Diplomat, 5th Avenue and Twain which are roughly similar.

In a thread posing the same question, probably on the old PSF, one fellow responded with an amazingly huge number. I mean, huge. Turns out he was smoking very, very small cobs and smoking them very often during the day. Maybe kind of like some cigarette smokers might smoke -- quick 5- or 10-minute smokes.

This is not to say we need to get bogged down trying to define a "bowl" as to size and length of smoke. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of variables so making directly comparison to what one smokes probably should be done with care.


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These days it’s a wee bit heavy- I’m anywhere from 8-12 bowls a day. I’m often enjoying just a wee pipe (half bowl) at each sitting just so that I can smoke a more wide variety of blends and I’m a fan of the 20-30 minute smoke. (Short attention span ha) however I’ll usually have a full bowl in the evening or right before bed.


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Hey, great to see you again, and great to be back. No, not in Oregon presently, but I will be back during the Oregon State Fair to perform there and visit family. You planning on attending the fair one of the days, assuming you are still near?
I wasn't necessarily planning on it, but my girlfriend and I may be able to make it. What date are you performing? I am still in Salem and hopefully can make it the day(s) you are there.

Where are you located now?


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I smoke one bowl, most days. I would smoke more, and my "normal" WAS around 5 a day, but with my current schedule and responsibilities (and not smoking inside anymore) that doesn't happen these days. I work night shift, so on the days that I'm working or I just worked, I smoke a bowl around midday, before bed (5 days on a normal week.) On my offdays, most of the time lately it's just snuff because I spend as much time as I can with my family. Sometimes I will smoke something light in nicotine on my off nights, but most of my favorites are heavy hitters (the taste profile that I really enjoy kinda comes with a bunch of nicotine, usually. The same is true with most of the snuff I enjoy, too.) The lower nic blends that I COULD smoke without getting into trouble on my snuffdays are enjoyable, but I only smoke outside, and many times they aren't enough to tempt me into the backyard. Especially since the competition is Indian snuff and BBC Nature.
As far as bowl size, since I only smoke one, I like a large bowl. My most smoked pipes lately are my new Kaywoodie (13/16" x 1.75"), the Old England pot (7/8" x 1.4"), the Rossi Vittoria 8320 (15/16" x 1.4"), and the always-there MM apple shape Diplomat (3/4" x 1.4ish") for my smaller bowls. Occasionally other pipes, but that's pretty much everything I smoke these days. Actually I've been smoking just the KW since I got it last week. "Smoking the new out of it" as @Fr_Tom says.


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I will get in 4 bowls on most workdays. I start about 5 a.m. while drinking coffee. I leave for work about 6, when I smoke another bowl on the drive, again with coffee. I will smoke my 3rd bowl on the drive home from work, and my last is usually after a shower and shave while relaxing on the porch. On the weekend, I will usually smoke on and off all day, often up to 6 or 7 bowls.
This sounds like may smoking schedule.
Like you and @Mpugh777 I work for a school district and work time pipes rarely happen.


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I wasn't necessarily planning on it, but my girlfriend and I may be able to make it. What date are you performing? I am still in Salem and hopefully can make it the day(s) you are there.

Where are you located now?
Residing in Indiana currently. And I will be performing at the Oregon State fair the entire run, Aug. 23-Sept. 2. Lumberjack Show, three times a day, so if you make it there, I am easy to find.