How many bowls a day?


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Damn i smoke the hell out of my pipes & Baccy. Easy for me to smoke at least 3 to 4 bowls a day, Cobs and a Dr G at work, then at least two bowls after work. Different pipes each smoke, But on my weekends off look out it's flame on i will puff different pipes & Baccy all week end long, Cant help it man i love smoking my pipes. Maybe it is cause im just new to it, two years in, but damn i enjoy the hell out of it..


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I think I have probably two life-times of tobacco cellared up right now. Hela, I'm mid 50's right now... and at the rate I'm smoking... I have a good solid 30-40 yrs of tobacco socked away.
My goal is to smoke the bejeezus out of what I have so I actually have to buy more.
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Same here