How many jars?

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Got a couple lbs. Comoys #1 and how many jars would I need to put it in? Not for real long term
Isn't that kind of an inexact question? A couple of pounds? How many jars? Guess I'd say "A bunch" or "As many as it takes."

If it is not for real long term I get a "deck" or two of 8 ounce "jelly jars" -- that's a dozen. For me a dozen handles roughly a half pound.
I only use half pint (8oz.) jars. That way I can open a jar to smoke and leave the others to age.

I can put a pound of ribbon cut tobacco in 5-6 jars depending on the blend and how tight I can pack it. Also, I recently put a 250 gram box of St. James Flake into 3 jars. Two were fairly well packed and there was room to spare in the third.

Hope this helps


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My general guideline for jar packing is 1 oz. tobacco by weight needs about 4 oz. volume in a mason jar. This is not a written-in-stone thing, which you will find out if you try to follow it with Peter Stokkebye bulk, but for the most part it works well. For my 1 lb. bulk bags, I use a 2-quart jar. I have to press it down a little, but not too much.


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Another reason I use the small-mouth half pint jars is they look good in these organizers that I pick up at Michael’s... View attachment 39555
That is impressive. I find that I don't have the time, or better put, I don't take the time, to produce those cool labels.
I typically use pint wide mouth jars for the cellar and 1/2 pint jars for the smoking shelf. I usually pack a pound into four jars, more to less. So far, so good.


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For ribbon I figure on 6 ounces of space for every ounce of tobacco - I can, with careful cramming, get down to 2:1, but that's only if I want to allow as little air as possible in the jar, usually for aromatics. Virginias need a little air at the start of the aging process so I pack more loosely.
Flakes are usually 2 oz of space per ounce of tobacco, but that depends on how carefully I stack 'em.