How much smoking is too much or too little ?

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Since I am new on smoking a pipe, and I want to try different tobaccos , sometimes I found myself kind overdoing it , and , feeling sick , stomach , headaches , tong bite , and such .
So the question is
1 how many bows should you smoke on a single day ?
2 how many do you smoke in a day ?
3 how many hours should be in between sessions? or how many session in a hour if that is your case 😀

any tips on how not over do it , and how to extend the enjoyment and avoid the side effects ?
Without reading anyone else’s comments first here’s my two cents on your question after being into this “hobby” for 5 years.

1) it depends, 2) it depends, 3) it depends

I typically do 1 evening bowl during the week, but 2-3 Saturday & Sunday depending on my mood and time available. I don’t like to be time limited, so if I don’t feel I have enough time I just don’t do it, but that’s just me. Some guys are full day all the time types, whatever works for you I say.

Hours between? Whatever works. Sometimes I’ll go back to back, but typically I’ll wait a few hours between. I smoke on the back porch and my butt gets sore staying in one place too long.

Eat food before stronger blends if you find yourself sensitive to Lady N, that tends to help a lot. Empty stomach is a recipe for a good headache and nausea with strong stuff.

I’m a total aromatic junkie, so I know all about tongue bite. It can be difficult to not want to chase the taste on any family type really, but slow is the way to go. Look up “breath method” or Mutton-chop piper on YouTube, he has some great tutorials. Bent pipes, filtered pipes, system pipes, churchwardens can be helpful. It’s a learning curve, but well worth the effort. Keep biotene around to help out on tongue fires, and there’s of course just taking a break for a few days.

happy piping!

Lunting Lifestyle

Content with the chaos…
Does any of you start a bow , and then put it down , and finish it later? i think I have preconceived idea that I have to finish the bow I started , so I can clean my pipe , I think I am being to strict
There’s no rules, do watcha like. Smoke it until you’re done or the pipe hits bottom. Throwing out a few cents worth of tobacco isn’t a crime… Unless it’s one of those blends that’s impossible to come by because it’s no longer produced, or sold out online in seconds, email notifications fail to trigger availability, some greedy dude bought the last of it just before you pressed the buy button in your cart… then it’s most definitely a crime, just saying 😉
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