How often do you smoke more than one bowl in a row?

How often do you smoke more than one bowl in a row?

  • Often

    Votes: 23 29.5%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 41 52.6%
  • Never

    Votes: 14 17.9%

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Nuclear Moderator
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By "in a row" I mean starting a new bowl fifteen minutes or so of finishing one; doesn't have to be immediate or in the same pipe. I am in the "sometimes" category; I usually just don't want another for a while after I finish one. When I do it I often find that I don't appreciate the second bowl as much as if I had waited.


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I almost always smoke 2-3 bowls back to back, maybe a minute or five in between. I'm usually reading while smoking and one pipe just doesn't cut it. I've developed an unintentional order to my smoking. What I consider "lighter" blends first, then progressing to the "heavier" blends. It is usually a VaPer or some variant first, then a Burley based or lighter English, and last a Lat heavy English or Balkan. Don't ask me why, it has just turned out that way, and I'm fine with it.
Note that I rarely smoke more than five bowls in a day. Time is the biggest issue. I'm wondering what will happen when I retire? Will I smoke more or simply space out the smokes throughout the day? I also appreciate there are not likely many empty days in retirement.

Baccy Bert

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Sometimes, if I know I have a little time to myself I'll pack two very different pipes with diametrically opposed blends. I won't always smoke both. I have found on occasion, when about a third into one type of blend, my palate changes its mind and I want a quick change, and I'll call on the other pipe.


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Wide margin between "Often" and "never" there. For me, the only time I light up multiple bowls is if I'm at a dedicated smoking event (bonfire, B&M lounge) - that happens roughly once a month, whereas I probably smoke on average 2 bowls every three days otherwise.