How often do you smoke more than one bowl in a row?

How often do you smoke more than one bowl in a row?

  • Often

    Votes: 23 29.5%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 41 52.6%
  • Never

    Votes: 14 17.9%

  • Total voters
I only really have the time for one bowl a day, but of course it's either in a large pipe (about 1.5 hours) or it's flake or plug (2ish hours). Occasionally it's both, which is usually 2.5ish hours, sometimes slightly more (I no longer smoke DOK in the Kaywoodie, I like the blend but ANYTHING gets a little old by the 3-hour mark.) If I was smoking something fast burning or a small pipe, I could maybe back-to-back it, but the only blend that burns exceptionally fast that I have is 5 Brothers, and I'm not quite to the point of smoking 2 back-to-back of THAT. My smaller bowls aren't very wide (Legends and a Grabow Duke), so I really only smoke those if time is very impacted. Occasionally I'll have one flake of BK in a Legend, but of course that takes 1.75-2 hours. Once I have more time to devote to smoking, I may do this, but for now I'm in the "Never" camp.