How to snuff: pinch and sniff


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I don't usually close the other nostril either, but then again with coarse and moist snuff I might. I don't need the help with fine dry snuff. In fact most of the times that I hit my throat it's on my left nostril, because I forget to account for the fact that righty doesn't flow so well. I inhale with the same force on that left side, and the Cheeta reminds me not to do that, lol...


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Pretty neat the way he pinches off one nostril like that.
Saw a guy at my B&M snort it off the side of his hand between his thumb and index finger. I like this guy’s technique better.
Imma goin’ to try it.
Thanks for the help, y'all!

I must have seen the put a bit between you thumb and forefinger technique before, as that is how I did it. It works well, I think. It does leave a little more on you nostrils to clean up, but my fingers are too big to push up my nostrils - I think I'd rip a hole in my nose. There's a visual for you all!

Peace of the Lord be with you.