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I don’t get surprised often


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And so it begins

My first experience with pipes was at an old general store in the next town over (which is still open somehow!) that had jars with like bouncy balls or candy or whatever in them

And they had MM nose warmer cobs in one jar, like as toys, which may be why I don’t smoke cobs much to this day. But! I definitely walked around as a little unevolved human clenching one pretending to be a cowboy or whatever.

There’s a duct tape X on the floor where the owner proposed to his wife, probably before I was born, that they refresh with new tape every time it wears out.

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
Kinda scary now wondering what else she’s going to copy from me.
you can say that again. my gf keeps telling me what she'd hope my children won't try to copy growing up... and I'm like: aaaah
good thing her eyes are still glued to me enough not to notice some of the subtle changes in their behavior when I'm around...
I consider us decent parents, but boy my gf and I certainly aren't anywhere close to your typical next door neighbor parents.
At least if they copy all of it, they're most likely gonna stay out of serious trouble. But boy are they gonna enjoy taking a
try at every small one there is.