I hate it when...


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You’re down to the last part of a lovely bowl and you go to gently tap out some of the ash and you decide to give it one last gentle tap ........and everything falls out........into the fire pit....sigh....

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How about when you finally got your tobacco perfectly prepped, and perfectly packed, and you just got it lit and going, and then you knock (or drop) the pipe out of your mouth and dump it all over everything?
Back to the drawing board.

Sadly this happens to me a lot and partially explains my dependence on cobs for outside work.
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We were down in Pennsylvania doing some fishing, and at the end of the day we had a nice fire going, some brews, and enjoying some tobacco. I leaned over the fire to throw another log on, and the bowl of my Peterson 307 came loose from the stem and fell right into the hot embers! I like military bits, and hadn't seated it tight enough. Yup, it was gone in seconds! I have a spare bit now :doh:


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Why are pipe embers so much hotter than cigarette embers?
Smoking ciggies for years I learned to ignore embers, but I've got a noticeable blister on the back of a finger, and holes in shirts. And I forget how often I've started fires in matchstick-filled ashtrays. My gal's prolly keeping score there, though.

And speaking of other significants, the whole, "Why do you need more pipe tobacco? You've got (insert #) stored already!" argument never gets old.