I think I’m in love


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I went to the local brick and mortar store to get some Bullseye flake. In the showcase they had a savinelli Christmas billiard 2020 model. 125.00 bucks. Said he’d make me a deal. Prettiest pipe I’ve seen in a while. Anyone have one? View attachment 85674 View attachment 85675
Nice pipe.
Just as a frame of reference during negotiations: regular price on online shops is $100 for that line.


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I know you didn't ask, but...
That's a fair deal IMO.
It's equal to online pricing PLUS you get to inspect it before buying, you don't have to wait for shipping, and you support a B&M in the process.

Win all the way around. :thumb-yello:
The opportunity to inspect it in person alone makes this a great deal, it certainly beats the hassle of having to return a substandard pipe if wherever you bought it from allows it in the first place.