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Spent Tuesday through Saturday in Vegas for a convention at South Point. Smoking was pretty much allowed everywhere except in the restaurants and most hotel rooms. I was able to enjoy 4 to 6 bowls per day. While there were the usual cigarette and some cigar smokers, aside from myself, I didn't see another pipe smoker the entire week. I got quite a number of stares and a few comments, none hostile. Was slightly surprised to not see at least one or two other pipe smokers. There were less cigarette smokers than I would have expected to see.

It had been awhile since I've been able to enjoy a bowl of tobacco inside a public place. Can't help but wonder how long it will be before Vegas goes non smoking.


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Mark, how many times did you visit the Chicken Ranch?
Harris, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. LOL I did in fact ask a Lyft Driver about it, if it in fact existed and where it was at. He confirmed it existed and said it was a 1 hr 45 min drive. I was out there to work a booth at the Exhibit that was part of the Convention. This was for my new software product. Given this is still in start up mode, I didn't have tens of thousands to throw at professional models and other people to work the booth. It was me the entire time for 2 1/2 days, 8 to 6 Thursday and Friday. These old bones were wore out by the time the day was over. I was just happy to walk to one of the restaurants in the facility, have dinner and walk a few yards over to the bar to have a Johnny Walker and enjoy a few bowls of good tobacco. Another guy pretty much insisted that I go out with his group on Friday evening down to the Fremont Experience (quite the freak show) and eat at Binion's Steakhouse, his treat. I froze my butt off walking down the Fremont Experience thing but really enjoyed the view and meal.

My objective for the show was to get the work done, hold my mouth in check and do absolutely nothing that could be construed as negative. Mission accomplished. If someone viewed my pipe smoking as negative, they can KMA. I obviously didn't smoke at the booth but I have no question a few anti smoking Nazis saw me smoking at the bar and had evil thoughts. I suspect you can imagine how much I care about their opinion.

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At least there were places you were allowed to smoke inside. Those places are rare!
you can say that again.

next weekend I'm taking my wife and the 3 kids to Disney Land Paris... first visit there ever, but it took me about 15 seconds on their homepage to confirm
smoking my pipes would be off limits at any location in or near the Diseney Park, Hotel, Restaurant, Parking Lot,... you name it.
I was actually looking for a sign that told you they're gonna fine you for smoking while watching their movies at your own home.