I Was Weak...Again: Boswell Freehand Twist

“In Bedrock...TWIST TWIST”

So this beautiful 1999 freehand ½ bent...um...semi-rusticated...twist...billiard? showed up on Ebay last week. I wasn’t immediately taken with it but I now know Boswell’s reputation for excellence, and no one was bidding on it. I got it for a ridiculous price. I couldn’t pass it up.

In person it is smaller than I thought it was (yay) and is gorgeous. The scale says 60g, but it is so balanced that it feels like less. Some beautiful burl on the Port side. So glad I snagged it. The seller was even surprised it didn’t get more attention. It seems fitting that the first smoke should be Boswell’s Dan’s Blend to break it in.



Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
So many times when I have visited the Boswell shop in Chambersburg there are so many more pipes than are ever shown on their web site. Many of which are traditional shapes, and many unique pipes that can only be seen by visiting. I love visiting there, and am always greeted by great people. I only wish that anyone that loves pipes, and cigars could have the opportunity to visit their facility. It's a true pleasure walking into their shop.