Is a 2019 dunhill a feasible purchase


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Dunhills are great pipes.
Until you own one you will always wonder if they're magical- and some are.
Some are not.

They have always been "over priced."
Which is to say they cost considerably more than comparable pipes made by other makers going all the way back to the 20's.

I have purchased Dunhills as estates and I have bought a couple new. I do not regret owning the Dunhills I have but at this point if I'm spending new Dunhill money I'm probably buying an artisan pipe (or two). Unless I saw The One True Dunhill, and maybe you have.


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It’s a pipe, the answer is always “yes.” But that’s just me.

To be a little more constructive- it’s impossible to generalize when it comes to brands, or even categories like factory vs. artisan. I bought my first Dunhill 22 years ago and they have been a part of my collection (sometimes more, sometimes less) ever since. I bought my first Castello 18 years ago and they have been a part of my collection ever since, to a much greater degree than the Dunhills at this point. But for every Dunhill or Castello I‘ve bought, I‘ve passed over a thousand, if not more, and a most of them I wouldn’t want to own at any price. Same with even my favorite artisans- if even 20% of their production appeals to me they are hitting it out of the park.

It’s all about the individual pipe, and it sounds like you found one you really like. See, once again the answer is always “yes.”


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I found a well-cared for birth-year Dunhill, also in one of my favorite shapes: 305. It is a marvelous smoker & well constucted. Now that "Dunhill" is "the White Spot" even though their shaping chart is amazing, I'd rather buy new pipes by artisans. If I came across another old Dunhill & it spoke to me, yes, I'd consider it. Nostalgia mixed with buying from a company that once made Dunhill pipes, vs today's climate of distancing the brand-name from smoking. But again, the Dunhill/White Spot shape chart is solid.

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If you make the mistake of determining the answer is "yes" - make sure you buy one you really like and will keep it. Resale on "The White PIpe" stamped Dunhills (aka current production) are terrible. If you desperately want a 2019 White Spot pipe, buy it used and save significantly.
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