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Is it mold? (Smoker's Haven OBB)


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As I understand it, the Cellar Series were prone to issues for a while. A good many tins I've seen seem ok though. I decided to forgo any purchases. They were reputed to mature over years in the tin before opening. I wasn't willing to wait 5-10 years to find mold.
I haven't had an issue with mold on any of their products, from C&D branded tins to the GLP stuff. However, I know very good and well that they have had more than their share of issues with it. I keep trying to look for a common thread in the blends that have been reported as having mold in them, but it seems like more of a QC thing than something that was introduced to their equipment by way of something specific.

Cellar Series, the whole idea is something that I don't take too seriously, as I don't want anything in my cellar that doesn't smoke good here and now and I definitely don't want to wait 10-15 years to find out that my Chenet's Cake has mellowed out way too much or even worse has become a science project. In all my experience with pipe tobacco a product that you don't like fresh is usually not going to all of sudden become awesome in 10 years. Smoke for the now.
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