It Is Not A Sin To. . .


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Most of mine have already been mentioned, but:

It's not a sin to light your pipe with a Bic.
Yeah. If I was smoking my last pipe before they marched me to the gallows, I'd use matches, but bics are just so convenient. Cheap, no burned matchsticks to clean up.
And while those Old Boys are pretty cool, I'm not sure there will ever come a day where I have $100 to spend on pipe stuff and I choose to buy a lighter instead of a couple pounds of leaf, or a Sav, or 1/3 of a a BST 😊


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It's not a sin to think 5-minute smoke breaks are ridiculous.
When my three-year-old niece is here we refrain from smoking inside, which I do not mind in the least. Her mom & my gal both smoke cigarettes, and when they announce a smoke break, they stay outside just long enough to choke down a coffin nail...which is just long enough to get my pipe going. I'm just settling in and they're ready to head back inside.

It is not a sin to smoke a pipe in public, or to ignore the stares and odd looks from folk who don't realize that it's not a sin to smoke a pipe in public.