Jim's Pipe Collection.


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Here's the 2019 Peterson 312 with the NAP bit and a 4AB cumberland stem. Peterson only produced this particular bit from around 1890 to 1905. If you look close enough, you may notice that there are three holes in the bit to spread the smoke around your mouth. Only seventeen of these were made, and Silver Gray did a fantastic job making the stem. Whether Peterson will put this NAP bit into production is up in the air.
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Man, That is wild, That stem blows my mind.
After viewing these pages, it's little wonder you have Edward G. Robinson as your avatar. As I recall he had quite a collection himself, which he enjoyed rotating through rather than just keeping on display. (I keep a small tin of his eponymous Pipe Blend in with my other mixtures that contain various levels of Latakia.)


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A friend gifted me twenty unsmoked pipes. Here they are!
These six meers were made by Royal Meerschaum.

 Jeantet billiard & Wessex_Pipes.jpg
Undated Jeantet, and two Wessex pipes.

Three Molina pipes.

Ropp Crystal.

St. Claude_Italy_No_Brand.jpg
The top pipe is unbranded. The middle pipe was made in Italy. The bottom pipe is a Saint Claude.


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Hope you find some gems in there Jim .
The Ropp Crystal and the Made in Italy pipe are true winners with the first bowl. The meers are very good, too. I already owned one Royal Meerschaum, and it's been a great smoker. Perfect for reviewing or just plain smoking. I know Royal Meerschaum meers don't have the prestige of other companies, but they are very reasonably priced and worth owning. Those are what I am happiest to get in this collection. Well, I should include the Ropp, too. I love that stem, and had wanted one for a quite a while.

If the others don't work out to be good smokers, well, I sure can't complain about the price! :bigyellowgrin:


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Here's a few more from my collection that I haven't posted.
Yellow Bowl Century Model Lovat.jpg

1949 Yellow Bowl Century lovat.


Two Tim West pipes, both from the 1990s. The top one is unsmoked, and the bottom one was half way smoked once by the previous owner.


2017 PSF Savinelli Pipe of the Year.

PioneerMeer_Ben WadeDuo_Tinderbox_Lined_Meer_Ropp_Wally Frank.jpg
Top to bottom:
1975 Pioneer meer, 1982 Ben Wade Duo poker, 1979 Tinderbox lined meer, 1977 Ropp cherry wood (Basil Meadows made a p-lip stem for it), and a 1980s Wally Frank dublin.

Mario_Armellini_OomPaul_ Undated_HVR_Supercar.jpg
Top to bottom:
1979 Mario Armellini Oom Paul, an unbranded, undated basket dublin pipe, and an undated HVR Supercar bent billiard.

Rubino_Lorenzo & Rossi_ OomPaul.jpg
A year 1979 Rossi Oom Paul. My first Oom Paul, a 1977 Rubino made by Lorenzo.
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These are unsmoked.
Pipa Croci.jpg
Year 2000 Pipa Croci.

Brebbia_Bjarne, Bjarne, Karl Erik_Freehand.jpg
A year 2000 Brebbia, two year 2001 Bjane freehands, and a year 2001 Karl Erik freehand.

Thomas Cristiano Gigante .jpg
Thomas Cristiano Gigante#2.jpg
Year 2002 Thomas Cristiano Gigante.

Unsmoked_3Ascortis & Estella.jpg
These were smoked and professionally cleaned, and not smoked since. Two of the three Ascortis were made before 1984. The second from the top is undated, but it's probably from the 1980s. The bottom pipe is a 1980s Savinelli Estella.

These are unsmoked. A 1990s gourd calabash, and a year 2001 IMP meer.


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I was about to post the same thing about your reviews. Incredible collection of pipes. Your meers are probably my favorites. Thanks for posting photos of them.
You're very welcome. I did this thread because I've been asked to show my pipes so many times, and have been very lazy about posting my pipes in the WAYS thread. Since I have several in each pic, it makes for a strange post if I wrote, "Now smoking such -and -such in a whatever," and then have to point out which is in the photo. This way is easier for a lazy ol' fellow like me.