Sold! John Hines Freehand

For Sale: John Hines Freehand

This pipe is great smoker, and with a nice 360 degrees of straight grain around it, it is also quite a looker.

I am the original owner of this pipe s I got it directly from John. He relayed to me that it was an earlier piece he did that sat a few years at a B&M, but never sold.

There is nothing bad I can say about the performance of this pipe. The condition is definitely not mint as I smoked this pipe quite a bit. It is a great clencher and those pipes get used a lot by me. A couple small indentations on the stem from my choppers. I have captured them in the photos. There is minimal rim char on the pipe.

The worst part about it is a scuff on the front of the pipe which I have provided close ups of in the photos. This happened when I accidentally dropped the pipe one day. Everything else was unscathed fortunately.

Dimensions are as follows:


I am asking $60 shipped in US with separate arrangements available for international. PayPal only.

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Sounds like shipping to Canada.
Exactly. I didn't see this listing until today and really like the pipe. But I think about it this way: since the the price is so low, that offsets the high shipping. For me, $40 shipping on a $60 pipe is much easier to swallow than $40 shipping on a $400 pipe. It simply comes down to total amount of money leaving my wallet. Anyways, congrats to the new owner.