Reduced! Jorgen Larsen J grade 1/8 bent dublin/freehand


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Up next and last for now is a Jorgen Larsen. This is another pipe that I should be smoking more often but I just don’t. This pipe is an absolute classic carved by one of the Danish greats. It is 6” x 2” with a bore of 18mm or just under 3/4”. Weight is 34g. Price is $225 US Priority is included in the price, we can work something out for international. PayPal F&F only. Send it back in exactly the condition it was received and I’ll refund if the buyer isn’t satisfied.

Now $185, next stop Ebay.

F42A2A81-32CC-4EDF-B3C1-FF43DC3D0432.jpeg F5B91489-E313-443C-821E-675C309886A7.jpeg 78F90CC9-8ED1-4E25-AF4C-7CD2A13EBD0D.jpeg 98A0C2B9-3031-40C0-A98B-76B85AA8F53A.jpeg 2FBC6972-2EF2-4A98-BC25-A162A43F0802.jpeg 256FBF4C-2B12-4E3C-9ED8-2DEF010CD46D.jpeg
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I hear they have pipes with garden hose parts for stem bands there...
Yes they do, and the rascals here at PSD are raving at how well plumbing parts can be used for pipe shank adornments.
The pipe you have shown-------I knew it looked stunning, but imagine just how wonderful it would look with a brass garden hose fitting on it.