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Reduced! Jorgen Larsen J grade 1/8 bent dublin/freehand


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Up next and last for now is a Jorgen Larsen. This is another pipe that I should be smoking more often but I just don’t. This pipe is an absolute classic carved by one of the Danish greats. It is 6” x 2” with a bore of 18mm or just under 3/4”. Weight is 34g. Price is $225 US Priority is included in the price, we can work something out for international. PayPal F&F only. Send it back in exactly the condition it was received and I’ll refund if the buyer isn’t satisfied.

Now $185, next stop Ebay.

F42A2A81-32CC-4EDF-B3C1-FF43DC3D0432.jpeg F5B91489-E313-443C-821E-675C309886A7.jpeg 78F90CC9-8ED1-4E25-AF4C-7CD2A13EBD0D.jpeg 98A0C2B9-3031-40C0-A98B-76B85AA8F53A.jpeg 2FBC6972-2EF2-4A98-BC25-A162A43F0802.jpeg 256FBF4C-2B12-4E3C-9ED8-2DEF010CD46D.jpeg
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