Just For Him tobacconist: can't place online orders?


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Has anyone encountered this? I can still select tobacco quantities but there no longer appears to be a mechanism to order online. Everything has a "contact us" button (where the add to cart was) which takes you to a generic info page.

Has anyone ordered from them recently? Are they now phone order only?

I've reached out via "contact us" to ask these questions but no reply yet. Maybe one of you knows what's up.


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Tin Tobaccos​

Due to credit card company policies concerning tobacco sales we are no longer able to accept payments by MasterCard over the internet.

Ah--I saw the Visa deal, but missed the PayPal thing. I was ready with my discover card, which they take. But I guess even Discover, Amex, etc you still have to call in. That doesn't bode well for them.
They will be fine. Every time I have been in the store it is very busy. They sell a lot of really unique stuff besides tobacco. The original BassPro is right up the street that brings in millions of visitors every year.
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