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the pineapple on your pizza
one day, perhaps

general goal was to get it stocked with some solid sticks and then add singles / five packs of other stuff as i smoke it down, but tbh once the heat of august is past i’ll likely go back to pipes til next year. figure that’s a good way to get some aged sticks.


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If a cooler doesn’t pass the Wife’s approval for indoor use, you can get a plastic crate with a gasket like an Iris or a cigar fridge with cedar shelves, though I’ve seen nice cooler setups with cedar shelves too.

I’ve got a desktop, a modified wine fridge, and a crate since a cooler was a non-starter.


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FX Smith makes machine rolled cigars, a member from another forum shot this video of their factory.

Unfortunately no longer made in the USA, they moved production overseas in 2018, when they were moving i was still rolling my own cigars and knew Robert Davies from another forum, Robert was/is the webmaster for Fxsmith (Robert on a few forums is known as Webmost) and was able to pick up some very high quality wrappers from them, some of which i still have, i may get back to rolling some day