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Had trouble location Por Larranaga Monte Carlos for awhile now. Ran out early this year and they’ve been scarce. They’re a rare example of an old vitola that can be smoked fresh instead of waiting through a “sick period”. When they were available, they’d crept up to the $5/stick range late Spring. That may not sound steep, but I was getting them at $3.50/per late last year.
Found some on sale for a reasonable $3.70 ea. Ordered two boxes to satisfy my occasional cigar cravings (mostly smoke pipes now). Should be here in a few weeks.

Most of the cigars I still smoke now are Lancero, Panatella or Corona size sticks. Sadly, these sizes are becoming quite rare due to the “per cigar” taxes in most States - everyone wants as much tobacco per stick as they can handle, which explains 60-ring cigars.
I’ll be looking for La Gloria Cubana Medaiile d’Oro #4s next - also tough to find at a reasonable price, if at all.
recent CigarBid purchase: 5 pack of Carlos Toraño Noventa robustos ($9.50), 5 pack of Alec Bradley White Gold ($7.50), and a 20 pack of cheap v cutters ($2.00). Shipping for all of it combined was $6.95. That site can be great but really only gives you a good deal if you use the super saver shipping on multiple lots.

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It will be hard for me to let these rest the amount of time I like. less than 2 bucks a stick for nicaraguan puros even if you average the cost over all the stuff together. It's even a good deal on the cuban sandwhiches. i will find it hard to wait but the winter will help as i cannot smoke indoors and smoking a cigar outside in the winter is much more difficult and wasteful in my opinion than a pipe. A cigar is something you want absolutely perfect weather for in order to maximize experience. I think I am less picky about smoking many pipe tobacco blends in less than ideal circumstances because it is so much cheaper
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