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K Williams

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Bought some Cohiba Red Dot Penquenos; not quite cigarillos, but not quite big enough to call a proper cigar. Good enough size for me though, and just enough to set the hook back in me. No doubt I'll have a full humidor within a month. I love a good cigar during the summertime (which is short on Cape Cod)!
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Never had Red Dots before. In fact I think the last time I had a Cohiba was around 2008. These are delicious little things. They'll be gone soon I'm sure. Anyway, I hope you all had a nice Independence Day and hope you enjoy the coming weekend!
Try Surrogates Cracker Crumbs. 👍🏼


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Bundle of Drew Estates Factory Smokes on my latest visit to Cigars International.
About ten years ago I was crazy about Drew Estate. I must've spent $1,000 on their sticks. Just yesterday I was at the local cigar shop and got some of their Larutan cigarillos. There are Turkish and Syrian Orientals in them, along with leaf from St. James Parish, which I'm assuming would be Perique. I asked them but haven't gotten an answer yet. Anyway, they're very flavorful smokes, and I'm sure the full-size ones are even better. I just wish they wouldn't put so much sugar on the wrapper; it outshines the natural flavors quite a bit, at least until it rubs off.

Try Surrogates Cracker Crumbs. 👍🏼
Thanks for the recommendation! Just wrote it down for my next trip to the local B&M humidor. Right now I'm big on the Cohiba Red Dots and CAO Brazilia - I like the strong, full-flavored sticks.


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Famous has a good deal right now: buy a box of 50 (or carton of ten packs of five) of any variety of Villiger Export and you'll receive one 5-pack of each variety for free.

I got myself a box of 50 in the Brazilian wrapper. I also got a sampler of the Euro Sticks panatelas - 6.25x24 dry cured cigars, a box of 25 each in natural and maduro. I've never had those but they sound like something I'd like.

To top it off I got a pack of five Avanti Anisette and five De Nobili Popular.

I should be set on cigars for a little bit! If those panatelas prove to be more or less what I think they'll be like, I'll probably smoke some of them whole like that but also snip a few of them in half to make two cigarillos from one panatela.

Either way, I'm excited to try the Maduro Villiger and the Eurosticks. I also very much look forward to revisiting the Avanti and De Nobili - I love those things and it's been a long time since I've had any. I bet they'll be good companions on an upcoming cabin vacation. Anyway, I got a coupon code for free shipping so after taxes it came out to just over a hundred bucks, for well over a hundred smokes, and even if those panatelas suck, I'll get a whole lot of enjoyment out of the others. And all dry cured, so I don't have to worry about a humidor! :)