Lathe recommendation for garage hobbyist?


That'll do, Pig.
I think the reason people don't buy milling machines for pipes is that they don't really do anything that's especially needed for pipe making. Like, we aren't grinding gears, we aren't making wheel assemblies. Every operation that you need to make a pipe you can do on a good enough lathe, nothing else is really required. And very few of the drilling operations on a pipe are 90 degree affairs, so any drilling you do you need to adjust the workpiece in the chuck anyway.

It's impressive looking, and at first glance, it's like "Wow, yeah, that's the ticket." But you're way better off putting the money towards a good lathe and a good chuck/jaws for it.

Russ H.

Mr. Fruity Pebbles
I would—actually I will say—DO listen to Sasquatch. I have a son in law who dove into making custom game calls. It’s never ending with him upgrading and he does awesome work—at a premium cost to both him and the call buyers. When I look at the efforts, tooling, and his actual profit margin with his time, tools, materials the only reason he does it is his love of doing it. It seems like a giant rabbit hole of always chasing better tools, better skills, better materials and a wife(my daughter) raising heck about the amount of money and time he puts into it. I can see pipe making being the same way. Especially when you have customers wanting things made yesterday and having no patience. He laughs and says-people want a premium high grade product made from exotic woods and materials at a basement price. I would tell anyone—you better think this through real well before you leap because it’s gonna get real expensive real quick and require lots and lots and lots of your time. You gotta love doing it or isn gonna work out.
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