Light Condimental Latakia Blend Recommendations


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I've recently discovered WCC Deluxe Crumb Cut which is (imo) a masterclass in the blender's art. Major props to @Ernie Q. I've avoided it for so long because it lists latakia as a component, which is dumb. However, I have yet to meet a latakia blend that I can't live without, so tend to avoid them.

DCC is interesting, because every so often you get a whiff of the latakia - it's barely present, but is pleasant for the subtle variety it lends. Ernie also played this trick with elf dandruff, which I also appreciated.

So, what else I have been missing out on?


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RL-BD, a "match" of Barking Dog; had a bowl earlier today. There were a good number of US blends that used Latakia with restraint, perhaps exploring the matches might be useful? GH #25 would've been good, no longer brought in, so Scotch Mixture does the trick for me.

Over time, like you, I have come to appreciate Latakia as a pinch of seasoning, not the main, or even strong supporting flavour.


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If you are ordering that Watch City garbage, try Old North Church for a light American English +, it's probably my favorite of what I've smoked of theirs so far.

Kensington from Pease has just a dash, it's bright and zippy with turkish and very pleasant.

Might be more latakia than you want but Cambridge Flake from Peretti is wonderful, and while the lat is maybe more than condimental, it's not overwhelming, the stuff is gorgeous. 9575 from them is truly condimental for latakia, but it's also more of a burley blend. It's stupid good too though.

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