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A collection of useful links for new members. Many of these topics are "pinned" at the top of the forum where they can be found.

We take these seriously: Forum Rules

Questions about the how the forum works? Start here: Frequently Asked Questions
Can't find an answer in the FAQ? Ask here: Site Questions

Confused by people saying things like "OGS in an MM CG"? Read this: Abbreviations List

New smoker, need advice? Read this: Advice for new smokers

Don't know what blend to try next? Start here: Gold Standard Blends
Pipe won't stay lit? Try this: Ultimate "My Pipe Won't Stay Lit!" Thread
Buying a new pipe? Read this: Guarantee yourself a good smoker
Breaking in a new pipe? Read this: Breaking in a new pipe
Just starting out with corncob pipes? Read this: Corncob pipe care and this: Corncob pipe primer
Starting out with flakes? Read this: Flake takes

Want to read more about aging and cellaring? Go here: Aging, storing, and cellaring FAQ

Trying to restore a pipe? Start here: Pipe restoration for newbies
Need professional help with pipe repair? Go here: Pipe and stem repair

Looking for a pipe shop near you? Try this: B&M shops
Trying to find an online retailer? Go here: List of online retailers

This is a work in progress. If you have suggestions for additions to this list, please send me a PM.
Not open for further replies.
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