Loose or packed storage in Mason Jars?


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Which is the best way and why... Is it better to store my baccky loosely or do I smash
as much as I can in the Mason Jar???
For me, not an expert by any means, I pack it about medium. Just recently I discovered a new blend thanks to @Russ H. which mixes two blends from Boswells, Dan's Blend (Va) and Premium Burley. Russ told me he packs his after he mixes it a little tight for a few weeks to really marry the flavors.

More should chime in here with their expertise. But my answer is usually packed medium


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For me, it depends on what type of jar is empty at the moment. If all I have is a square hole, I'll find a way to make the round peg fit. In my very un-scientific opinion though, I kinda go with what @MakDragon was alluding to. If I'm trying to preserve a casing, or moisture/freshness, I won't think twice about packing a jar tight. If on the other hand, I want to "age" what I would view as a "natural" tobacco profile, I would try to pack it loose and leave a little space at the top for oxygen... If I can.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure none of what I just said would hold up against the slightest scrutiny, but it makes me feel better to do it this way. I haven't experienced any ill effects with either method.


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I pack it pretty tight. I remember reading somewhere about the tighter the pack the less oxygen and more of an anaerobic aging process. Supposedly better for the tobacco. Most tins are packed pretty densely and they age fine. Mylar is really great because you can crush it down into a flat sleeve and seal it. Then label the top and it’s easy to leaf thru your hoard.

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I only use one size of mason jar - the wide mouth 1 pint jar. Early on I discovered that I had waaaaaay too many different sized jars and they never stacked correctly so I made the decision to go with one size.

How much I put into each jar depends on how much I want to open at any given time. I've read that once you open a jar then the aging process stops or stops and starts all over so I only open a jar when I am going to smoke the whole thing.

I usually split it up to 4 ounces per jar. Could I pack more.......absolutely but I'm probably not going to smoke 8-10 ounces of whatever at any given time so that is how I justify it.

Same thing with mylar bags, which I've mostly gone to now. I only order one size - the 1 quart bags from Pleasant Grove. Same amount in each bag - 4 ounces.

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Good question....

Less than five percent air. So much depends on density, size of jars, original moisture. Specifics would determine the best solution.

Snug as possible for the container available I guess would be the short answer.