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Love at first puff


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For ME... I have several that were Love at First Puff.
My first was MacB HH ODF. I still remember my first bowl of that.... angels were singing.
Next was Penzance, courtesy of Chuck the Enabler, from my pipe club. He was all "here, try this... you will like it." Yeah, thanks Chuck... getting me hooked on something hard to come by.
Later, it was SPC Plum Pudding... courtesy of @darth finster ... who sent it along as a Lagniappe afterthought back in the PSF days. Thanks Darth! Still one of my favorites... just bought a tin last weekend.
An honorable mention goes out to Dino the Enabler from my pipe club. Dino is singularly responsible for turning me on to Latakia. I sampled an offered bowl of Samovar at one of our meetings, absolutely love it, and the rest is history. Previously... I was pretty vocal about my dislike of Latakia. No longer.


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There are several for me. Some I still enjoy, some have become "meh", some I don't really enjoy at all anymore. The ones I no longer like are Orlik DSK/Heinrich DSF (and I LOVED this stuff at first) and H&H Chestnut (tried a bowl just a couple nights ago, really didn't like it at all, kinda sad really...) There's only one I liked immediately, but now is just sort of okay, and that is Old Dark Fired. I think it doesn't have enough Kentucky for me any more, most of the time. Was brilliant in the beginning. Most of my favorites, I liked fairly quickly in my smoking them, but most have needed a little time to get where they are on my list now. C&D's Morley's Best was just perfect from the start. Honestly, if I had to be a one-blend smoker, I could do that with Morley's Best and be perfectly happy. Irish Flake was good from the start too. Most other blends, even the ones I enjoyed right away, really took at least a few bowls to hit their stride. Haunted Bookshop has become a firm favorite, but it was "too much" at first. Crowley's Best was "meh" at first but now I really like it. PS Amsterdam was nothing special the first bowl but it keeps improving. Pegasus, same thing, didn't really like or dislike the first 4 or 5 bowls, but by about bowl 10 or 12, I was planning on buying a pound with my big purchase this year. As far as lightning strikes that stayed, Morley's is pretty much it, at least the only one I can think of right now. Irish Flake can be there in the same category in a few years, I just tried it maybe a year or a year and a half ago.


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I fell in love with a large variety of blends right off the bat. Here are a few.
Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug
Samuel Gawith Best Brown and St James. Full Virginia took a little time before I got the prep right.
Dunhill Flake
Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls
Capstan Blue Flake
Salty Dogs
Curly Block
Brigham Klondike Gold
John Aylesbury Luxury Flake
Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake
Rotary Navy Cut


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SG FVF. Actually, I was hooked when I first smelled the tobacco. My mouth was watering just from smelling it.
SG Kendal Plug. Man, this is excellent tobacco.
Motzek Strang. One of the best VaPers to ever be created. Too bad it isn't available anymore. Thankfully, I still have about 1.5 pounds in the cellar.
H&H Viprati. Also one of the best VaPers out there...... I think I have about 20 tins in the cellar and two more on the way. I only smoke once a day (typically) if that gives you an idea how long that will last me.