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Love at first puff


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Most of my current favorites weren’t love at first puff, in fact, most of them took quite awhile for them to seduce me. In my experience, some of the best stuff out there takes some time to really understand before they reveal their beauty, same goes for music, a lot of those hooky, pop songs you can sing along with right off the bat sound good at first but after several listens you become bored with it. King Crimson, with their 10 min plus songs really takes awhile to absorb and to fully appreciate on the first listen but the more ya listen the more their music really grows on you.

That being said, I loved Dreams if Kadath & Temple Bar at first puff and I still love them today.
Oh man, Dunbar, Bengal Slices, Old Dark Fired, Samovar, Temple Bar, Green Dragon, Penzance, Old Gowrie, Quints Own, 558, Ted’s Killarney and Blend#1, Tudor Castle and Tudor Castle Arcade all tripped my trigger. Thanks, I feel kinda slutty now. 😂
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