Maple pipe tobacco blends

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Over the years I've enjoyed many different type of pipe tobaccos.

One consistent theme is my love of maple pipe tobacco blends. While I read others pooh-pooh aromatics, I like 'em & especially if there's maple anything involved.

Here's what I recall having tried: Essence of Vermont
Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening & Maple Cavendish
Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Rich Dark Honeydew & Rum Flake
Lane Ltd. Rum & Maple
McClelland Town Topic & Townsman Cavendish Blue
Pipes&Cigars Hearth & Home Latham Circle, Vermont Meat Candy & Scotty's Salmon River
Straus Tobacconist Rookwood
Sutliff Maple Street, Maple Walnut, Vanilla Maple, & Tobacco Galleria Rum & Maple
Uhle's House of Uhle Blend
Wilke Pipe Tobacco Vermont Maple Cavendish

My latest find is Sutliff Maple Walnut. I've never even seen it mentioned & it's out of this world delicious. Essence of Vermont, Town Topic, Latham Circle, Scotty's Salmon River, & Maple Street are outstanding. Autumn Evening - which seems to be a consensus internet favorite - is really good but I have trouble getting it to burn well & lately have been using it as a blender.

There are just so many good ones! I'm always looking for suggestions of others to try as I hope others enjoy these blends too.


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I haven't had a good maple blend yet. I despise Autumn Evening and after multiple attempts, I just gave up. I have a pouch of Rum & Maple so hoping this one strikes a chord.
It took several bowls to get a taste for this and I had given up too. After a rest of a few months and trying it again I found that I really did like it.

I think maybe it was just too wet.


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I'll second the Trout Stream recommendation, I'm not terribly "into" aromatics, but every now and then they really hit the spot. That one is very good, but do be gentle with it and dry it out, it's proven to be a bit on the temperamental side as far as relights and bite are concerned. Worth the effort every time though


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I like maple tobaccos, too. One of my favorites is Sutliff Maple Walnut. I have posted about it on the forum a few times. In fact, I decided to try it because of a post I saw in this forum. I am a huge fan of Trout Stream and yes the two tobaccos have similarities. I think the butternut burley in Trout Stream is similar to the Maple Walnut. Trout Stream is one of my top five favorite tobaccos and SMW has moved into my top 10. I wanted to add that Hearth and Home Vermont Meat Candy. What could be better than Maple and Hickory Smoked Bacon?


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GH&Co’s Sweet Maple Twist is a winner in my book, very light flavoring with the Bold taste ya get from a rope. Sometimes I’ll mix it in with Autumn Evening for a bit more maple flavor. Yum.
GH&Co Sweet Maple Twist really is good, but I have to say I did not get much maple flavor. I have had Sutliff Maple Street too, and for my palate it was way over the top on the maple sauce and needed a little more tobacco in there. I thinned mine with some SPRT and thought that worked pretty well. It has been too long for me to remember the ratio. Just because I know the way I do things, it was probably 1:1. Then I smoked half of it and topped it off with SPRT again giving me a 1:3 ratio.