March Meer Madness 2021

Ozark Wizard

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Isn't still February?

You're a bad bad man Ozzie. That does sound really nice... I'm sticking with Baki over spigot though. If those two worlds collide I'm in trouble
I'm just trying to help motivate your quest. Sometimes goals in our lives might seem unattainable. It's those times we need the assistance of our fellows to nudge us along towards our destiny.

I'm Ozzie, and I'm here to help.


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Huh. I lost the only meer I own. I bought it in the late 70s, and it was coloring nicely, but I got into cigars for about 20 years and lost track of it. But then, miraculously I ran across it in some box upstairs about 3 years ago. I decided back then that I needed to put it somewhere "safe" and now I can't remember where I stashed it.

I just bought an entry-level Nurhan Cevahir block meer on eBay the other day that should be here by Friday. While I'm burning leaf in it maybe I'll remember where my good meer is.