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March Meer Madness


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I took a couple days off. I've had some kinda weird lung irritation thing going on for weeks. Post-viral, maybe. Anyway, taking a couple days off didn't seem to help, so now the lungs are on their own. They're big boys, they'll figure it out.

Bob Meerov is trying on his fancy pants- first go with the knurled stem. Bit is clunkier but it does look nicer. GH Kendal #7 in the firebox.


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I've been waiting all week to bring out the big gun! I'm an outdoor smoker so I needed good weather (today was warm and breezy) and the time to enjoy this big bowl - it all fell into place this evening.

Calabash by TeeKay
Tamper by Snake
Fire by Zippo
Tobacco by Sutliff: Taste of Summer (fitting for our taste of spring temperature today)
Beer: Cane Head High - perfect pairing

I don't smoke the Calabash often, but it is amazing. This smoke was worth waiting for!