Mastercraft Meerschaum Question


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Who knew Mastercraft had meerschaum pipes also?
A new member of the New Orleans Pipe Club showed us an unsmoked Mastercraft Meerschaum in its hard case. It was in his late father-in-law's collection along with five or six other unsmoked figural meerschaums and he is trying to find out any information he can on them.

I've asked him to send me some photos that I can post on here as well as giving him information about the forum.


Old Pipe Dude
I'm not real hip on Mastercraft. I think they were around until...the 80s? So that could be a lucite stem of some sort too. That's one of those pipes that makes you think: Gee, it's made it this long without being smoked. Am I going to be the guy that ends it?
I can't even hazard a guess at value. Are there Mastercraft collectors?
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